Sunway Youth for Sustainable Development


Sunway Youth for Sustainable Development (SYSD) was founded by Natasha Ting and Mohd Shakirin on 8th September 2016 in Sunway University. The society aims to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among Sunway University stakeholders and advocate for the realization of solutions on campus. It would also serve to collaborate with regional organization to work on implementation of the SDGs. In February 2017, a committee of students from Sunway University were appointed to the committee of SYSD to champion these goals on campus, under the supervision of the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development.



On 9th November 2016, SYSD organized a screening of the documentary, “Food Inc.” which was attended by 20 students and staff. The screening was followed by a discussion on the issue of industrial farming and its effects on the environment.




In conjunction with United Nations Earth Day, SYSD organized Sunway Earth Week 2017, which comprised a number of activities on campus to raise awareness of the SDGs from 17th to 21st April 2017.


The Council of All Beings was held on 18th April, a fun, interactive activity where participants took on the role of a natural being or element (i.e. a tree, the sun, animals, etc.) and spoke on why they were the most important to the environment. It was attended by over 40 students including 9 speakers.



SDG Boxes was an outreach effort to raise awareness of the SDGs through pledges. During Earth Week, over 700 students and staff signed a pledge to contribute to the achievement of SDGs.



On 20th April, a compost workshop was conducted on campus, aimed at communicating the importance and ease of making Do-it-Yourself compost from household waste. The workshop was facilitated by Khor Sue Yee, the co-founder of Zero Waste Malaysia.



Over 40 students had the opportunity to participate in Thriving in the Dark, an experiential workshop, meant to create in participants an appreciation for their sight and empathy for the blind. The workshop was conducted by a local social enterprise, Dialogue in the Dark.








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