Global Solutions Forum

September 25th, 2019 | 5PM-8:30PM EDT
New York

SDSN Malaysia is excited to announce our participation in the Global Solutions Forum, an international event where experts in science, tech, and public policy gather to share progress, highlight victories, and inspire one another to keep moving forward.

We all know that progress surrounding the SDGs is often slow and incremental. But all over the planet, brilliant people are implementing local initiatives. The Global Solutions Forum is a huge opportunity to highlight those successes, so that others might adapt them for use in their own communities.

On September 25, 2019, Ong Pang Yen will discuss the challenges and the results of Partnership for Sustainable Urban Development – The Sunway Model, among other presenters in New York. As Malaysia is a developing country that comes late to urban development, the planning of Sunway City in Malaysia has actively sought to avoid the negative experiences of the urbanization strategies pursued earlier in the advanced countries. Sunway City has been developed by Sunway Corporation in partnership with the local authorities and community to realize the vision of liveability based on sustainable development. From the onset, Sunway City adopted the concept of an integrated mixed-use model incorporating vibrant residential, business and leisure spaces; and Transit-Oriented Development to create a compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, community within walking distance of high-quality public transport. there is strong public-private partnership in strengthening services and education to the lower income segment of residents and improving the physical infrastructure to be in line with advances in sustainability technology (e.g. solar panels to cover the walkways, and water sufficiency by recycling lake water and waste water and harvesting rain). Sunway City is a living lab that is intended to become a model of inclusive green urban development that is scalable across other townships in Malaysia, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, that are struggling to deal with their own land-use vis-à-vis growing populations.

Along with nine other speakers from all over the globe, Ong Pang Yen will pack the challenges and discoveries into 7 minutes of stories, images, and insights to inspire the next group of innovators. Leading up to—and during—the event, we’ll be sharing more about Ong Pang Yen’s talk, and some of the other presentations, so keep an eye on our blog, newsletter, and social media channels for more info.
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